Public Cultural Facilities in the Era of Crises: Activities of sendai mediatheque in its 20th Year

清水 有


The COVID-19 pandemic around the world since the end of 2019 has changed how the world works in a wink of an eye. On top of that, the repetition of “state of emergency” declarations has caused many public facilities to close. Consequently, many of the opportunities to carry out scheduled projects have disappeared. In the meantime, the severity of the disease has been publicized in terms of the number of infections and mortality, and these figures have forced public cultural facilities to temporarily close or shorten their opening hours. However, no fundamental solution has yet been found so far.
This “new crisis” has been a great misfortune for those of us working in the cultural field. On the other hand, it has also exposed the chaos and immaturity of the 20th-century capitalist cultural administration that has been in place up to now, and it is time for a fundamental rethinking of the way Japan’s cultural administration should be managed and supported. In this essay, the author, who works at a cultural complex in Sendai City, will discuss the essence of this crisis based on the management of the complex and the projects that were still able to be implemented during the unprecedented “new crisis” from 2019 to 2021.


Public cultural facilities, Sendaimediatheque, emergency management, Ambiguous Loss